November 14, 2009

Black Eyed Peas Members Have Fergie’s Back

Just returned to the States after a romp around Europe, Fergie was out with her Black Eyed Peas bandmates in New York City on Thursday night (November 12).
The gang first met up for the TABOO X JUMP shoe launch in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, then joining up with Shingo Katori at the world premiere of Japanese musical “Talk Like Singing”.
As for the marital infidelity rumors surrounding Fergie’s husband, Josh Duhamel, the Black Eyed Peas members say that everything’s good and well.
“Everything’s good,” Taboo said during his shoe launch party. “We’re enjoying touring. We’re a family, and we’re not going to allow any nonsense to bring us down. I know my brother and I know my sister and how much love they have for each other.”
Concurring, fellow bandmate added: “They’re in love and they’re perfect for each other.”

Enjoy the pictures of Fergie and her bandmates out in NYC (November 12).

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