August 14, 2009

Fergie: Ready for a Little Duhamel?

Fresh off of a weekend performance at the Teen Choice Awards, Fergie was spotted arriving at a studio in Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (August 11).

Wearing black shorts with a matching blouse, the Black Eyed Peas songstress stylishly strutted past paparazzi as she readied for the day’s workload.

In related news, the tabloids are claiming that Fergie may be nearing the time in her life to start thinking about family - as she’s reportedly folding to hubby Josh Duhamels’ desire to add a child into their lives.

A National Enquirer source tells, “Fergie turned to Josh right in the middle of the baseball game and told him she wanted a baby to make their lives complete. She says pregnancy will be a crash course in cleaning up her act.”

The insider adds, “Josh adores Fergie, and he can’t wait for her to be pregnant.”

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Peabody4life said...

there's always so many rumors! Fergie even said she's waiting until she's done with touring to have children. she will be a great mother though when she decides to have kids!

i love you Fergie forever <3

Peas and Love