May 10, 2009

"I Got A Feeling" lyrics

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good night

that tonight's gonna be a good good night (x3)

Tonight's the night night

Let's live it up

I got my money
Let's spend it off

I know that we'll have a ball

if we get down

and go out

and just loose it all

I feel stressed out

I wanna let it go

Lets go way out spaced out

and loosing all control

Fill up my cup


Look at her dancing

just take it off

Lets paint the town

We'll shut it down

Let's burn the roof

and then we'll do it again

Lets Do it (x3)

and live it up

i gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night

that tonight's gonna be a good night

that tonight's gonna be a good good night (x2)

Tonight's the night

let's live it up

I got my money

Lets spend it up

Go out and smash it

Like Oh My God

Jump off that sofa

Lets get get OFF

Fill up my cup (Drink)

Mozolotov (Lahyme)

Look at her dancing (Move it Move it)

Just take it off

Lets paint the town

We'll shut it down

Lets burn the roof

and then we'll do it again

lets do it (x3)

let's live it up

Here we come

here we go

we gotta rock

Easy come

easy go

now we on top

Feel the shot

body rock

Rock it dont stop

Round and round

up and down

around the clock


Anonymous said...

Music√£o =D

Anonymous said...

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