May 10, 2009

Fergie likes it fast

Well, fast food that is!
The singer got her grub on at El Pollo Loco yesterday, and as much as we LOVE her (she's an amazing singer, she's got a sexy husband, and we cry when we think of how much money she has), we're not so loco about this dress. It's like someone ate a Pucci print scarf and ralphed it back up. Sorry Fergs. And sorry to the undoubtedly lovely and sweet person who designed this unfortunate frock.

A cantora foi em El Pollo Loco no dia 9 de maio.Fergie é uma cantora incrível, tem um marido sexy, e nós a amamos, porém, Fergie saiu com um vestido nada agradável. Descupe Fergie, mas eu queria matar o infeliz que desenhou esse vestido.

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