February 05, 2009

Will.i.Am Admits to Missing Fergie’s Ceremony, But Giving a “Dope” Gift

This is, I’m guessing, our last Fergie/Josh Duhamel wedding update, but it’s a funny one. The bride’s co-band member, Will.I. Am, tells Ok ! magazine that he was " really late " to Fergie's wedding. So late in fact, that he missed the ceremony all together. But, he says “the reception was great” and he gifted the newlyweds with “a whole bunch of flowers and stuff...and a dope beat!” Okay, so not to call this super-producer out or anything, but missing one of your closest friend’s ceremony is not cool. Will, I think we need to hear the reasoning behind this one – could the press tour or studio session not wait? We’re sure you love Fergie-Ferg, but this, my friend is a wedding etiquette no-no. Thoughts, ladies?

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Peabody4life said...

aw, that's nice he supports Fergie <3

Peas & Love