January 05, 2009

Interview with Fergie

Morning Call Exclusive Interview: Fergie talks about music, marriage and starting a familyThere’s no question that pop superstar Fergie is “over the moon” happy in love with actor Josh Duhamel. There’s no doubt the handsome, lip-locked couple will tie the knot almost immediately. However, her lips were sealed about the exact date when I talked with her -- even though she proudly showed me her engagement ring and chatted about marriage and starting a family!But in talking to her friends during her Las Vegas visit with Josh and their respective families, it looks as if five days from now -- this Saturday, Jan. 10 -- Fergie and Josh will marry and become the new hottest Mr. and Mrs. in show business.Fergie, 33, confirmed to me that they will marry. “I love being in love,” she said. “It’s such a great feeling, and it’s so right.” Try as I could, though, she wouldn’t budge on the exact date and place (some rumors pinpoint Southern California), so I switched the subject to babies.She told me that she definitely wants children -- but that is going to wait for a while for a couple of reasons!“First,” she said, “let’s get the rest of all this weight off that I put on. Second, we’re going out with another Black Eyed Peas tour, and that has to be wrapped before we begin to start a family. But, yes, we both want babies!” The three-time Grammy Award-winning artist explained that she’d gained 15 pounds for the upcoming movie based on the Broadway musical Nine, in which she plays a salty hooker!“I literally pigged out and stopped working out,” she said. “I went to In-N-Out Burger and just ate what I wanted. I really went for it. I loved it. I felt a complete glutton because I didn’t say no to anything, and I knew I was getting bigger by the moment without even looking in a mirror. I moved differently because my body was getting bigger.” She co-stars with Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie.Now, though, she’s fighting to be able to squeeze into her Fergalicious and glamorous wedding gown.“I’m not shedding the pounds right off, though. It’s not easy trying to get healthy again and stay that way. It’s hard because, whereas I gave up working out, now I’m back working out every day. We’re going hiking, and I’m doing tons of sit-ups and walking and running twice as much as Josh does just to keep up with him.”She explained that she’s got to get it all off before long, though, because it’s not just the wedding but also to wear swimsuits at the beach when they go off on their honeymoon vacation! And also because this year’s new Black Eyed Peas tour is just ahead on her calendar.“That’s going to be really big,” Fergie told me. “I’m excited about that new tour. I just love all that hard work and energy. But when that’s over with, we will start to think about a family of our own. Let me get the weight off this time before I start putting it on again with that,” she laughed.Click below to watch my laugh-a-minute video conversation with Fergie on the red carpet at Lavo in the Palazzo.I asked her how she was able to juggle such an intense, jam-packed schedule of movies, music, TV and traveling between two cities in the same night for different work assignments. Fergie performed at The Venetian Ballroom and then hosted the midnight countdown at Lavo in the Palazzo here on New Year’s Eve -- all after completing a performance in L.A. a few hours before flying to Las Vegas!“I thrive on this,” she said. “The more work, the better it is. The more energy I have somehow. I don’t know why because it’s an incredibly busy and hectic timetable. We just race right through it, and to be honest, I revel in it! I don’t think I’d be this happy if I wasn’t this busy.”

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