December 19, 2008

Fergie's interview for Times

You're well known for throwing shapes on stage; you must be pretty body confident?
I'm not really body confident, no. If I have been working out, then yes, but recently I had to gain weight for doing the film Nine and I stopped working out.

Gorge yourself silly?
It was really fun! I could eat food that I haven't eaten in years. I had to put on just over 13lb. I ate everything. Crisps dipped in curry sauce and fries, which I hadn't eaten in years. Now I'm addicted to fries.

How are you getting your super-fit bod back?
I do a workout four times a week, for an hour and a half. I do the treadmill for half an hour, uphill, while squeezing my glutes, or jogging, arm weights; you name it, I'm doing it.

Is staying in shape a constant struggle?
It's a choice to look and feel a certain way because I'm really into the mind-body connection. I have to mentally prepare myself to get in shape, and get motivated, otherwise it's not happening.

Healthy diet?
I try. I'm not psychotic [sic], but I try to eat lean.

Buy into any faddy diets?
I used to eat a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar after every meal and should really start doing that again. It's got to be unfiltered, organic, the really good stuff. My old trainer told me that it's supposed to take out fatty cells in the colon, but that's not that nice to talk about!

Any weird food habits?
In America I have a food delivery service, so it's harder to eat over here because I have to take off all the sauce; always ask for sauce or dressing on the side. I have to get everything on the side because when I don't have my diet designs I have to fend for myself.

Ever had plastic surgery?
No. I'm open to it and I don't judge anybody who has gotten anything done for themselves.

Fairy godmother, please change ...
I want better posture, because I tend to slouch, and stick out my stomach, and then that's when the pregnancy rumours come around.

How do you let your hair down?
I used to be a clubber, but not any more. With the chaos of being on tour, I don't feel the need to go out and seek more chaos. Once in a while, we'll go to a club and go dancing, but now I like to go home and put on my hydrating cream.
Do you drink?
Yeah. Not as much as I used to, but I love a nice glass of wine.
That's the one thing I've never done.
Smoking's a no-no, but you have admitted to a drugs problem in the past ...
I'm so glad that's over and I hope I helped some people by being open with it. It was therapeutic for me to talk about because you're only as sick as your secrets. I went to a lot of Narcotics Anonymous meetings and basically learnt what I was doing to myself. I used hypnotherapy as well. I still have the same hypnotherapist - that's almost ten years now.

So therapy is for life, not just for Christmas?
Oh yes. I do it now just for life in general though. I'm a huge believer in therapy, it's a very positive thing.

Ever seek solace in religion?
I'm a Catholic. It's to do with faith. A lot of things happen in this business. Some are amazing, but things go wrong, too, so I use prayer a lot to help me through the hard times.

Green tea or your GP?
I definitely use herbs. And melatonin is really helpful to relax me.

Ever get the heebie-jeebies before you go on stage?
Yes. Usually before award shows because it's only one performance and that's the only chance you get.

Is that when you start popping the melatonin?
No. I say a prayer, and ask God to enter the room before I do.

You're engaged to the hunky actor Josh Duhamel. As a self-professed “sexual person”, do you find monogamy a struggle?
No. Not for me. But it's wonderful being on tour because you get a healthy amount of space, so you never get sick of each other.

Planning to settle down with hubby and 2.4 kids?
I'll definitely have kids. I love family. I don't think I'll ever be settled down with a pipe and slippers though.

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